Monday, November 24, 2008

The one from John

I mentioned in the last post how my sisters, friends, family and I are sending my missionary bro packages of homemade ornaments - just for fun. Cuz we miss him. :) We also ordered him a small Christmas tree. He will be getting several packages this week of ornaments from all of us. Don't you love the holidays?

He was scheduled to get the package with the tree on Friday. It must have arrived cuz here is the email that he sent me today. It was so great, I just had to share:

"Now it came to pass that in the 13th month of his mission (being thirteen out of 24), while going about his many labors, behold, a great and tremendous box of exceeding size arrived at his tent. And the great and tremendous box was made after the manner of the cardboard, and the box measured about 4 feet long, 1 foot wide. However the box was not exceedingly heavy, nor was it burdensome to carry.

"However the words of his sister came to him, giving him a warning, and these are the words of his sister: 'Behold, thou shalt not open any box that thou recievest from thy sister, for thy sister sent it, and you will receive it, and thou shalt not open it until the day of thanksgiving, less thou be cursed from further receiving of any box.'

"So when these words came into his mind, he feared greatly lest he be led away into temptation and open the box before the day of thanksgiving come. And such was his fear that he did tremble much and his knees did smote together.

"Nevertheless and notwithstanding, he did not open the box but did await for the day of thanks.

"However when the sun came up the next day, he received another box, however this box, nor the first box, had a name of who the sender was. and this box was wrapped in much wrappings, and taped with much tape, and behold the box was wrapped after the manner of the pagan who give themselves unto much celebration for the occasion of Christmas.

"Therefore, he did receive this box with much gladness, however once again the words of his sister came into his mind, warning him to not open her box until the great day of thanks.

"So he was troubled in his heart, for he did not know which box it was that his sister sent. And once again he feared much lest he open the wrong box. Therefore, and hithertoo and until the day of thanksgiving, he has decided to not open either box. and he doth look forward to the day of thanksgiving with much eagerness.

"For in the day of thanksgiving he shall open both boxes, and receive much gladness, and great will be the rejoicings in the land."

See why I miss him so much?


Emily said...

I LOVE IT! Oh John Boy...