Thursday, November 6, 2008

The one of nine lives (at least one)

They say that cats have nine lives. I think our little Ruby used at least one of hers today.

This morning we went down to Payson to get my hair done by my good friend, Kara. Before getting to her house, I dropped the kids off at my sister Autumn's to play. Then I drove to Kara's house, picked her up and we went on a few errands; Sally's, Chevron...

Then we went to her house and colored my stubborn hair (Kara thank you for your patience, getting it just right). Around 5pm I got in my car to leave when a cat shot out from underneath my car. I thought "Hmm, that looks like Ruby", and without another thought, started to drive away.

Luckily, something in the back of my mind stopped me. I pulled back in the driveway, went over to the cat (thinking the little stray would run away) but she came right up to me and started to purr and cuddle up under my neck. Could this possibly be Ruby? In Payson?

She had the little bit of orange stripes on her neck, the coal black tipped tail and -incredibly- the extra toe on her back right leg!! Just to make sure, I had her microchip scanned at the animal shelter and IT WAS OUR KITTY!

How the....?

Did she go under the car all day? Why did she decide to get out in Payson after all my errands all over the town? What made me stop and think twice about a cat that looked like ours...miles away from home. The whole thing is just weird. Either way, we (especially Halle) are really really really happy to have her home. She's getting a lot of extra love today.