Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The one with my Superhero

I had to share this picture. It's gotta be one of my favorite of all time.

Halle found a spider upstairs and was screaming like there was a cobra in the house. (I wonder where she gets that anyway? *wink, wink*)

Drew ran up to his room, yelling over his shoulder, "I'll save you H0l-leee!" Quick as his little three-year-old fingers could fly, he came out ready for war. Notice the Thomas the train slippers, Lightening McQueen hat, sword, and mask so big you barely can see his eyes:
I only wish I had got some video of him trying to kill that teeny-weeny excuse of a spider with that sword:

10,000,000 hits &
10,000,000 misses.

My hero!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The one with a Spoon

Last week I got to go up to Aspen Grove with the Young Women in our ward. We had a blast. We went cross country skiing, listened to some wonderful speakers, played games and the guitar, got a little (ok- a lot) hyper at all hours of the night, etc. It was great. Especailly to have a few days away from cooking/dishes/cleaning up after the kids. Ahhhh....

But then it's crazy how quickly you miss all of that stuff, isn't it? That first night I had to bring a crew of girls in my room just to get past the loneliness. And here's what happened:

Have any of you played the game called "This is a Spoon?" Ha ha ha. I taught it to the girls and it was a hit. I never heard the end of it. And now I'm sure they're driving everyone crazy at home, still chanting, "This is a spoon, a what? a spoon, a what?? a spoon..OH! A Spoon!" (repeated twenty gazillion times). Today when I called my Beehives to remind them about tonight's activity, TWO of them said, "Oh Sister Farr- guess what? This is a spoon!" And so on it goes.

Good times.

I'm not sure if it was the elevation or what, but we had sooo many communication disasters up there. It was hilarious. Here are just a few of my faves:

Mickayla: "I have the munchies."
Lindsay: " Oh I know!!! I HATE my underwear!!"
(Interpretation: Lindsay thought Mickayla said, "I have a wedgie.")

Sue Bradford (one of the other leaders) said oh-so-matter-of-factly:
"Some of the girls are slutty."
(Interpretation: "Some of the girls are sledding."
Hey, we all heard it! Not just me!)

Jessica: What are we having for lunch?
Mickayla: (glancing across the cafeteria) "Um...it looks like Mexicans."
(Interpretaion: "Mexican food")

Amy: "My grandma hates black people AND ....
(pause for dramatic emphasis) SHE HAS A BLACK DOG!"
(Interpretation: Her grandma has a dog who hates black people, and the dog is black herself)

Ok, and then my favorite...we were playing "Apples to Apples" and the word we were trying to match our cards to was "Sensual". When the "judge" chose the winning card to be "Whipped Cream" our cute little Elizabeth aka the Princess slapped her leg in frustration and said:
"Dang it! I KNEW I should have chosen 'Anne Frank!'"

You probably had to have been there but Holy Cow it was funny. My tummy is still TIGHT from laughing so hard. Hahaha. Made absolutely no sense but I needed it. Thanks girls.

Seriously, though, I love my calling. It was a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The one about Sunday's Sundays

My little Drewbie boy H-A-T-E-S Sundays.

Many days he will wake me with the question, "Mom. Is it Sunday?" To which I normally can say "no". Every seventh day, however, when I have to say "Yup" he replies:

"No it's NOT Sunday!" followed by a lot of whining, pouting and general head aches for the entire family.

OR his trademark sentence:

At our house, we don't really play with friends or watch regular TV shows/movies on Sunday. We also go to church. We play together more than on any other day; games, family videos, yummy dinners, etc. Does it really sound that painful?

Anywho. Kev and I have come up with a tradition we're going to try called "Sunday's Sundays". Each Sunday we end with ice cream-type-goodies, and some positive family kid-oriented-time. We had our second "Sunday's Sundays" this last week:
I think (hope) it's working since Drew's seemed more upset the last few days that it's NOT been Sunday. If we can just help Sunday with it's overall image, that's a start. We'll go from there. Except are we just bribing here? Parents really should be able to try their ideas out on guniea pigs first.

We'll see how it goes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The one NASTY mess

I babysat my nephew Trey on Saturday.

As I was cleaning my kitchen downstairs, I could here the two boys upstairs, laughing and having a jolly good time. "It's so nice they don't fight like the girls used to," I thought.

15 minutes or so later, I had another thought. "I should see what's making them laugh so hard." It was a brilliant idea. It just came WAY too late.

This is what I found:

1 toilet bowl of water+2 naughty little boys= one huge mess.

See the water drenched on them and the floor? That's an entire bowl of TOILET WATER.

Nasty. Gross. Sick. Ewww.

Drew knew he was doomed but he just couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure it didn't help that I was snappin' pictures.

"Drew this is NOT ok." (snap. *attempted-mad-face* snap. snap.)

"You boys are in huge trouble." (snap. *chuckle* snap.)

I thought Trey's shirt put it perfectly:

A huge THANK YOU to my sweet hubbie for coming home in time to help with the massive clean up. You save me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The one with a yummy breakfast cake

My friend Emily came over the other day and I promised her this recipe. Here are some of the pro's of this breakfast cake:

1) It's so easy to make. 5 minutes tops to put together.
2) My kids (and all their friends) LOVE it!
3) It doesn't take any eggs or milk...so it's just perfect on the day after you didn't have enough time to make it to the grocery store.
4) It makes your home smell loverly.
5) A perfect start to any day.

So here it is.

1/2 c oil
1 cup sugar
1 cup applesauce
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 tsp nutmeg
Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Pour into a lightly greased 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until cake springs back when touched in center. We love to eat it with applesauce on top/on the side.

The one about Christmas 2008

Ahhh...it's so hard for me to not give up on things once I get behind! There's just so much that's happened since the last post. I can't quite even remember where to begin. Normally that means it would be another 8-10 months before I try to recap. But here I am- look at me changing!! Isn't that what a new year is all about anyway?

So, sadly the Christmas season is officailly over. Kevin's back at school and work. I was asleep when he got home last night and I vaguely remember him kissing me goodbye this morning. Lame. I once heard that you should give yourself 10 minutes to gripe and complain- but then you have to get over it. So here goes. THIS IS SUCH A BUMMER! Why does time have to fly when you're having fun? Shouldn't it be the other way around? It was soooo nice having Kev around. (*sigh*) I guess I'll catch up with him again next Christmas... poor, poor me. Annd - CUT. Ok, now I'm done. ;)

Christmas 2008 really was wonderful. Lots of new memories made. I feel like I'm running on brand new batteries. I'm just hoping they last longer than they did last year. They should. There's so much to be grateful for.

The Sunday before Christmas we have a tradition that means a lot to me. We have a party & Birthday Feast for our Savior. We prepare the very best of what we have for Him. This year we had a delicious turkey (like only Kev can make), mashed potatoes (like only I can make- haha), gravy, stuffing, frog-eye salad, fresh veggies, apple pie, yummy drinks, etc....and ate it by candle light. Then we wrote some Birthday cards and put them in our specail box under the tree with all the other gifts, and sang Happy Birthday. The kids seemed to really understand what Christmas is about this year. When they are grown up, I will give them all their letters from all the Christmas's in their own box, so that if they want, they can start the tradition in their own homes. I felt the Christmas spirit very strong during our Birthday Celebration this year.

The kids sat on Santa's lap so many times this year! That's got to be so confusing! They've got to be thinking, "Didn't I already tell you what I wanted for Christmas, Santa?" We met him at a Preschool Class party, the Farr's Christmas party, at the ward party, at Sizzler... I purposely did NOT take them to the mall this year. After the first Santa we met Halle told me, "Mom, I know this Santa isn't the REAL santa. He must be one of Santa's helpers, huh? But don't worry, Mom. I won't tell the little kids." Smart little girl.

Another fun Chistmas tradition we have is our CHRISTMAS ELF that visits our home throughout December. Sometimes he brings little treats and surprises if the kids have been really good. Each morning the kids wake up and go hunting for Mr. Elf. Sometimes he's there, sometimes he's not. He watches them, to make sure they're being good, and then goes back at night to tell Santa. The kids LOVE it!One day before going to the store I told the kids, "K, guys we have to go to Walmart. Let's be super super good this time ok?" Halle took off running upstairs in the middle of my sentence...I was like, "Halle! You're not listening to me already!" (We have MAJOR drama everytime we go to Walmart...ugh) Anyway, she came running back downstairs, Mr. Elf in hand and said, "If I bring the Elf, he will help me remember to be good at the store." And it worked. They were angels- which is unheard of for my kids. Mr. Elf hasn't been put away yet, and I don't know if he will be this year. Why stop what's working, right?
CHRISTMAS MORNING was so fun. These Christmas's with the kids being so little will probably be the best of my life. It's awesome. This is them waiting to come down the stairs that morning...sooo fun!

Halle went right for her "Baby Alive" Doll and named her "NcKayla McKayla Frunae Farr". Good luck to my future grandkids, huh? Hee hee..I love it. Other gifts she loved were her new art supplies, ponies, "paint nolish" (nail polish) and accessories, leapster games, a new dress that matches "NcKayla McKayla", a Tinkerbell bike, kareoke thingy, and the chineese jump rope: "Twisties . . In, twisties . . out. Diamonds . . in, diamonds . . out..." REMEMBER THAT?!? I think I love it as much as she does- ok, maybe more. $5 at Funfinity. Go get it! :D

Drew loved his robot Dinosaur... so did Kevin and the rest of us. It's awesome! In fact, when I asked Halle what her favorite gift was she said "Drew's dinosaur". Whoopsie! He reeeeally loved his cars too, the hot wheels dinosaur, his spiderman costume (which he's running around in right now), leapster games, puzzles, his orange bike and of course the CANDY in his stocking!

I loved when the kids gave presents to their dad. Drew had wrapped up a toy shark (one of his own he got out of his toy chest) and said, "My Dad wants this for Christmas!" He told Kevin, "I'm giving you a shark" a few times before Christmas. Three year olds can't keep a secret. But what do you do? :)
Which is why when he wrapped Halle's gift I told him it was a "Booker Nocker." Then when he told her he was giving her a "Booker Nocker" she still was clueless. Gotta keep one step ahead, right? ;)
Anyway, so when Kevin opened his shark Drew was just so excited, that he pretty much unwrapped the whole thing for him. Haha. Perfect.

Halle's gift to Kevin was just as great. She spent over 3 hours at "Color Me Mine" painting a plate for him. The first hour, she made a really sweet little design and it looked pretty good. But then she just couldn't stop...the next two + hours she painted over and over, adding more colors, stripes, polka dots, and then more colors, more stripes and polka dots all over again.
It ended up pretty OC, but that only made it that much more from her heart. She was so proud of it! She told all the employees "I made this is for my Dad. He will LOVE it!" And of course, he did.
Another highlight of Christmas 2008 was talking to my baby bro, Elder "Buzz" Blackburn, on his mission. He sounded so good- minus a fractured finger. He loved his Christmas tree and got to take it with him when he was transfered mid-December. Wahoo! He's got a little over nine months and then I can talk to him for reals! I miss him terribly. His best friend, Ben gets home TODAY! Ben is the younger bro of Emily, one of my best friends. The four of us have some seriously great childhood memories. Next Christmas maybe we'll be able to have a recap. That'll be awesome.

Some of the other Christmas Memories we made were sledding with the Campbells, taking Kev and Justin snowboarding (and them getting stuck in the mountain because they decided to try a new part of the mountain that went straight down into a ravine-and now we have a deeper level of appreciation for the pioneers), multiple family parties, and being able to meet and take Shunae's baby Jada's pictures. (click here to see some of them) I just wish they lived closer and we could get together more.

The absolute best part of the holiday for me was when Kevin & I got to spend the whole day together. We went to the Body World exhibit (which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g), went to IKEA, a movie, etc etc. I haven't felt that deep-down-happy in a LONG time. It was heavenly. I started looking forward to growing old for the first time in my life- when we can have more long days together all the time. I see my grandparents and how sweet they are to each other- and I know that with Kev, I have the same things to look forward to. Not too soon, hopefully though. We're soaking up are kids for now. :)

Anywho. This post is Ginormous. But I did it. (*Patting self on back*) Phew.

Happy New Year
to all my wonderful friends and family!!