Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The one with a Spoon

Last week I got to go up to Aspen Grove with the Young Women in our ward. We had a blast. We went cross country skiing, listened to some wonderful speakers, played games and the guitar, got a little (ok- a lot) hyper at all hours of the night, etc. It was great. Especailly to have a few days away from cooking/dishes/cleaning up after the kids. Ahhhh....

But then it's crazy how quickly you miss all of that stuff, isn't it? That first night I had to bring a crew of girls in my room just to get past the loneliness. And here's what happened:

Have any of you played the game called "This is a Spoon?" Ha ha ha. I taught it to the girls and it was a hit. I never heard the end of it. And now I'm sure they're driving everyone crazy at home, still chanting, "This is a spoon, a what? a spoon, a what?? a spoon..OH! A Spoon!" (repeated twenty gazillion times). Today when I called my Beehives to remind them about tonight's activity, TWO of them said, "Oh Sister Farr- guess what? This is a spoon!" And so on it goes.

Good times.

I'm not sure if it was the elevation or what, but we had sooo many communication disasters up there. It was hilarious. Here are just a few of my faves:

Mickayla: "I have the munchies."
Lindsay: " Oh I know!!! I HATE my underwear!!"
(Interpretation: Lindsay thought Mickayla said, "I have a wedgie.")

Sue Bradford (one of the other leaders) said oh-so-matter-of-factly:
"Some of the girls are slutty."
(Interpretation: "Some of the girls are sledding."
Hey, we all heard it! Not just me!)

Jessica: What are we having for lunch?
Mickayla: (glancing across the cafeteria) "Um...it looks like Mexicans."
(Interpretaion: "Mexican food")

Amy: "My grandma hates black people AND ....
(pause for dramatic emphasis) SHE HAS A BLACK DOG!"
(Interpretation: Her grandma has a dog who hates black people, and the dog is black herself)

Ok, and then my favorite...we were playing "Apples to Apples" and the word we were trying to match our cards to was "Sensual". When the "judge" chose the winning card to be "Whipped Cream" our cute little Elizabeth aka the Princess slapped her leg in frustration and said:
"Dang it! I KNEW I should have chosen 'Anne Frank!'"

You probably had to have been there but Holy Cow it was funny. My tummy is still TIGHT from laughing so hard. Hahaha. Made absolutely no sense but I needed it. Thanks girls.

Seriously, though, I love my calling. It was a great weekend.


JustusJohnsons said...

Haha! Those made me laugh! That sounds like my kind of night!