Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The one about tonight

so we got all dressed up for the halloween carnival

that started at seven

but we're still here

cuz drew won't take even one bite of dinner

cuz he saw me put pepper

(like i always do)

in the macaroni and cheese

and so he thinks he won't like it

and so he's been screaming

and throwing up from the screaming

and i'm going insane

and halle's very sad because she can't go

because of him

and i know it's not fair to her

but there's only one of me

and it's ten minutes past eight

and i'm here

going insane

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The one with 2009-10 school pictures

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Halle's Kindergarten Photo


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The one with some good news

Monday I waited ANXIOUSLY all day for Kevin to get home. I had been to the doctor's earlier, and was DYIN' to share some exciting news.

I made a trail of tootsie rolls from the back door, to the table where a candlelight dinner was spread

along with this card:

and a gift bag with this hat. . .

Here are a few more pics of our new beautiful baby boy. . .

baby's profile

Mom's pointy chin

He's a thinker

Kev's so excited, I LOVE it.

We told the kids in the morning and Drew started running around yelling,

"It's a BOY! It's a BOY!"

Halle is mostly excited that she'll get to have her own room. :)

I am super-duper thrilled and only a teeensy bit sad that it's not a girl. Honestly I would have felt the same way if it was a girl though. They both have been so fun, I can't help wishing for both.

Monday night I kept thinking how Halle could be my last little girl. So I went upstairs and put curlers in her hair. Just in case.

Anyway, thought we'd share our news.

Can't wait to meet
our little man!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The one gift for Christmas

Our conversation in the car today:

Me: Halle, if you could choose just ONE gift for Christmas this year what would it be? I mean you can think about it for a while if you want and let me know when . . . .

(no pause)

A cat.

(my heart breaking)

. . . . o. . k. Well that's one idea, is there anything else. . .

(Drew cutting in)

Oh, I know what I want I know what I want I know!!!

A dog!

Me: . . . but what if you couldn't have a dog Drewbie? What else would you want?"

(Pause. . .thinking)

Thennn.. . .maybeeeee. . . .

a Giraffe???

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The one about buzzards

When I was little, I heard that the world's biggest pest of a bird was a buzzard. I decided it was the PERFECT nickname for my baby brother (aka John).

Over time, it shortened to "Buzz" and I've been calling him that ever since.

That same day he nicknamed me "Blastedhead." It, however, didn't stick.

I'm sure that's symblic somehow. . . :)

Now, after two looooong years, Buzz is finally
home from his mission!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Home from the ASL Houston Texas Mission

nieces and nephews waiting at the airport with their "love you" signs

one more niece/nephew says hello

here he comes!

Buzz reunited with best buds Ben & Teddy

Welcome home, Buzz. Missed you every day.