Monday, November 23, 2009

The one about The Blind Side

We just got back from St. George. We had SUCH a nice weekend. My cousin had his missionary homecoming, and we went down a day earlier to be with my Grandparents.

(Ahhh, I want to move where it's warmer!!!)

Grandma made us a fabulous dinner (of course) and then Grandpa shooed Kev and I out the door so we'd go on a date. I think they just wanted the grand kids to themselves. :)

Kev and I found some AWESOME deals at the outlet stores and then we went to a movie. Now, I hate when people go on and on about how good a movie is . . .I think too many details ruin them. BUT if you need a recommendation, go see
"The Blind Side".

We loved it.

Anyway, here comes another crazy week. Holiday prep galore. Good luck to ya'll.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The one with Deep-Clean-Hillariousness

One crazy day last summer, in the midst of the very worst of the morning-sick-days, I had a sudden burst of energy and started tackling deep-cleaning projects throughout the house. (Which you reeeally should NEVER do when there's a pregnant burst of energy, since it usually only lasts long enough to make an even BIGGER disaster)


One of those much-needed projects was cleaning my JETTED TUB. After living in our home for nearly a year, I still hadn't taken even one soak in my awesome tub. You fellow OCD's will understand; I HAD to REALLY REALLY make sure it was seriously cleaned through and through first. Problem was, I didn't know how to do that.

Several sites online suggested to

"Pour a generous amount of dish soap into a tub of water.
Let the jets run for at least 10 minutes."

Easy enough.

I got that water H-O-T as could be, added a "generous" amount of dish soap, started up the jets, and viola. . . .

Note to self:
Hot water + "Generous amount of Soap"


Imagine my state of shock when I walked back in the room. I am still laughing.

My sister in law, Jessica was staying with us at the time and we just couldn't resist. She put on her swimsuit and dove on in. :) Here's a few of the shots of from our Bubble Mania Fest.