Monday, November 23, 2009

The one about The Blind Side

We just got back from St. George. We had SUCH a nice weekend. My cousin had his missionary homecoming, and we went down a day earlier to be with my Grandparents.

(Ahhh, I want to move where it's warmer!!!)

Grandma made us a fabulous dinner (of course) and then Grandpa shooed Kev and I out the door so we'd go on a date. I think they just wanted the grand kids to themselves. :)

Kev and I found some AWESOME deals at the outlet stores and then we went to a movie. Now, I hate when people go on and on about how good a movie is . . .I think too many details ruin them. BUT if you need a recommendation, go see
"The Blind Side".

We loved it.

Anyway, here comes another crazy week. Holiday prep galore. Good luck to ya'll.


Tucker & Tiffany said...

Ah! I've been wanting to see that movie. It looks amazing! It's definitely on my to-do-list. haha!
Glad you had fun and made it safely!