Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The one with some good news

Monday I waited ANXIOUSLY all day for Kevin to get home. I had been to the doctor's earlier, and was DYIN' to share some exciting news.

I made a trail of tootsie rolls from the back door, to the table where a candlelight dinner was spread

along with this card:

and a gift bag with this hat. . .

Here are a few more pics of our new beautiful baby boy. . .

baby's profile

Mom's pointy chin

He's a thinker

Kev's so excited, I LOVE it.

We told the kids in the morning and Drew started running around yelling,

"It's a BOY! It's a BOY!"

Halle is mostly excited that she'll get to have her own room. :)

I am super-duper thrilled and only a teeensy bit sad that it's not a girl. Honestly I would have felt the same way if it was a girl though. They both have been so fun, I can't help wishing for both.

Monday night I kept thinking how Halle could be my last little girl. So I went upstairs and put curlers in her hair. Just in case.

Anyway, thought we'd share our news.

Can't wait to meet
our little man!!


mikensi.jimmy said...

congrats, mari!! been thinking about you! hope the pregnancy is going well!

Miss Molly said...

Dah! You're pregnant!? I'm so excited! and another little boy! When are you due?

Di said...

Yay for you- and Drew! Sam want's a brother sooo bad, he's taken 3 sisters really well, but if he has to try 4 without a bro...oi.

Erika said...

I don't know if I've ever written on your blog before. I'm one of those classic stalkers! At least I do actually know you in real life, that makes it a little better, right?! :)

Congrats on the little boy! How exciting. I have loved having two boys in a row and now have my little girl on the way!

Chris & Nikki said...

YAY!!!! you make amazing babies, so i'm excited to see this little man of yours. :D
If you need anything, i'm home 24/7. :D