Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The one about Sunday's Sundays

My little Drewbie boy H-A-T-E-S Sundays.

Many days he will wake me with the question, "Mom. Is it Sunday?" To which I normally can say "no". Every seventh day, however, when I have to say "Yup" he replies:

"No it's NOT Sunday!" followed by a lot of whining, pouting and general head aches for the entire family.

OR his trademark sentence:

At our house, we don't really play with friends or watch regular TV shows/movies on Sunday. We also go to church. We play together more than on any other day; games, family videos, yummy dinners, etc. Does it really sound that painful?

Anywho. Kev and I have come up with a tradition we're going to try called "Sunday's Sundays". Each Sunday we end with ice cream-type-goodies, and some positive family kid-oriented-time. We had our second "Sunday's Sundays" this last week:
I think (hope) it's working since Drew's seemed more upset the last few days that it's NOT been Sunday. If we can just help Sunday with it's overall image, that's a start. We'll go from there. Except are we just bribing here? Parents really should be able to try their ideas out on guniea pigs first.

We'll see how it goes.


The Lewis Family said...

NO fun, Jasmin loves sundays, she wakes up asking if it sunday so she can go to church with Sister Gause :)
When teh weather is better, we go on a family walk each sunday and end up at the park or what not. Makes Sundays alot more fun :)