Sunday, November 23, 2008

The one about last week

I've got a little behind on the bloggin'. Here's a quick catch up.

Last week I. . . :

*. . . visited some friends in Eagle Mountain when taking the kid's to Trevan's bday party. It was so strange being there and not driving into the old driveway. Wonderful to see Mandi, Haley, Cristianne, Jen, etc though. I'm missing all of them today.

* . . . went to my childhood friend- Candice Morgan's baby shower! It's so strange seeing my old friends as adults! It's been waaaay to long. Here's Ashlee, Annie, me and Candice...the "adults":
* . . . made the best dinner I've ever made. mmmmm. It's these stuffed pork chops with onions, jalapenos, stuffing, little bacon...I was planning on posting the recipe for you all to enjoy. I should say your hubbie's to enjoy. Maybe later. Kevin was oh so very happy. Though I don't think of myself as a big meat eater, I still can say these were awesome.

* . . . spent a day getting ready for Young Women in Excellence. (If I haven't mentioned already I'm the second counselor in Young Woman's--the best calling ever.) The girls in our ward are really exceptional. I put together a little tile for each of them:

* . . . took the kids to the dinosaur museum! I'm not sure who was more into it; Kevin or the kids?

Ok, I admit it- I had a really good time there too. There's this one room with two
"Long Necks"
(ha ha- can you tell I grew up in the 90's?) and they were so much bigger than I realized! Wowzers! For whatever reason they're extinct- I'm not complaining.
(above: my hubby and his clone)

* . . . made Christmas ornaments with the kids. We sent my baby-missionary-brother a small Christmas tree for him to decorate next week. My sisters, some friends and I are all making ornaments for him to hang on it. Anyway, here's the one's Halle, Drew and I made. Cute, eh? (Actually they're MUCH better than in these pics. O well.) They'd better be cute after the HUGE mess we made making them!

* . . . then, in the spirit of making Christmas decorations, I finally got around to decorating my house for fall. Just in time, eh?

No, I don't want to talk about it.

* . . . Drew randomly just came in the room and shouted
"Church Boys Alive!!!"
Explanation anyone????

* . . . and right now I have 5 (yes, I'm serious) cold sores. (thanks, Cougars) Anyway, I've decided that the word "cold sore" doesn't cut it. "Fever blister" is a little closer. But I think I'm going to start calling them:
"Flaming Festered Lesions of Death".
0 0
(above: my face)
And on this happy note, that was my week.


JustusJohnsons said...

Umm...I don't see any of the above mentioned pictures! :(

Kevin & Mari said...

Sorry...haha. I pushed "publish post" before I put on the pics. Whoopsie.:D

Kevin & Mari said...

i love you!!

Rasmussen Family said...

Thanks for the pic! We are still such dorks, Lets never grow up! That's funny I am the 2nd counselor in yw too! I agree best calling ever!

Tucker & Tiffany Johnson said...

I hope you didn't get that cold sore because of me!! My co-worker got one too!! But, I swear I sprayed Lysol on our desk everyday!
Ps. I Love those Christmas Ornaments!

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

It was great to see you at the party! Thanks again for coming.

We LOVE the dinosaur museum!!! I could go there again and again, not to mention Trevan!

I love these ornaments, you will have to tell me how you made them.

Miss you!