Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The one where Halle read a book and Drew got potty trained!

On Sunday, my sweet Halle read her first couple of books- cover to cover- all on her own! After a few years of perfecting her ABC's, it really was so rewarding to watch. And she's FAST! I am insanely proud. It was one of those mile-stone days.
Here's a clip:

You know what is another mile-stone day that leaves a mom insanely proud and even more JUST SUPER THRILLED? The day your son decides that he is potty trained! Oh yes. About a month ago, Drew just decided he was done with the whole diaper thing and has been potty trained ever since. Sure there has been a few accidents, but overall ...


Except, weren't they just born?!?


JustusJohnsons said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! :)

So, I like how you title all your posts....it reminds me of "Friends", are you doing that on purpose? :)

Kevin & Mari said...

Hi Cami!
I'm glad you found me on here! :)
Ya, I decided to start all the titles the same... but I'm not super familiar with Friends. I mean, I watch it but I guess I'm not sure how the two relate..haha.
How are you? If you want, send me an invite so I can check out your blog.