Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The one about Drew's little finger

We had just got in an elevator in Vegas and were headed down. I looked around to watch Drew, who is always sooooo cute in an elevator- how he puts out those sweet little hands to steady himself and his eyes get all big and worried- when a

1,000,000 pound brick

hit me right in my stomach. Or that's what it felt like anyway.

Drew was gone.

And I totally panicked:

"Where's Drew?
Where is Drew!?
Where Is Drew?!?!?"

Ora's next to me panicking too. I'm immediately having all sorts of visions...and if you're a mom, you know exactly what they looked like. There are no words I want to even use to describe them.

We are stuck in here. Can the doors open while it's moving? Are the stairs faster or can I stand still long enough to ride the elevator back up? Where would the nearest security guard be? Why do they make these darn elevators so stinkin small?

"Mom, Drew's in the stroller." Halle said.

It was probably only 8 seconds total. He was there. Right in front of me, safely hidden in the stroller. It could have been funny, if it had been some thing other than my son. I had involuntary tears spilling out all over everything. Humiliating myself all through the casino when they wouldn't stop coming. Over reacting like that just comes with the mom-territory, I guess.

Anyway, I'm so grateful right now that my little man is running around the house, making all his usual spills and messes. What would I do without him?

How would I get ready in the morning without him picking out my outfit for me like he does? "Mom-ma, this shirt is beautiful for you!" Then when I try it on, "Mom, that IS beautiful for you, hoo-wa Mom?"

Or how he keeps saying new things like "This is Amazing!" or "This is simply great" or "This is the coolest things of my life I've ever seen before" or "Ya, that could be a good idea, hoo-wa mom?" Which really are (somewhat) normal things to say, but it's just so much better coming from one so small.

And then a few days ago he melted me when he told me:

"Mom-ma. All I need is you."

Kev says he's got me wrapped around his little finger.

And he's right.
. . .