Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The one with the storm

This morning I woke up listening to a huge winter storm pounding on the roof and rattling the windows. I laid their for a while just listening, glad to be warmly snuggled in bed.

"Kev, I hope you have your winter coat," I thought as I went to the window check it out. But to my surprise, there was no storm. Just beautiful clear blue skies.
And this:
Actually, it's only the end of the "storm". These pictures hardly cut it. (Sorry - I was too glued to the window, afraid to miss any of it, to get my camera for a quite a while) I ran and got Halle and Drew, and the three of us watched thousands and thousands of birds. . . we were running from one window in the house to the other cuz they were on every side of us. It was incredible.
I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for moments like these.


JustusJohnsons said...

That's insane! Awesome pics!

Todd said...

I do like that picture !