Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The one with a VIP

We got to put together a presentation about Drew for his VIP day at preschool.

I put together a slideshow of pics to show his class. Most of the pics are already on this blog at some point, but there were a few from my PRE BLOGGER days that I just have to share. They are just too great not to.

Like these ones that show his amazing intensity. Sooo fun!

Drew's first look at a girraffe - 2007

Drew sees Santa coming on a firetruck ... double pleasure, double the fun - 2005

Drew loves his new chair - 2004

Or these with him helping Kev mow the lawn. He's always loved helping his Dad.


So many fun memories. . .

Such a boy - 2007

Got into a box of food coloring (while sitting in a basket of clean laundry p.s.)- 2007

Love his handsome face - 2006

Thank goodness for photography. I just love these pictures so much.

The rest are from a date Drew and I went on. We went to a park and I brought my telephoto lens, he brought his gun. We both did a lot of "shooting." (Like that pun? haha)

Short little legs

In his own little world

Sneaking up on unsuspecting victims

We didn't know those people at the park btw

Love that boy