Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The one about Dawson's blessing day

So many of our family's significant events go unblogged. Yet there are a few worth going back and mentioning.


Dr. F was blessed the last Sunday in May. It was a wonderful day. Before church Kev, Halle, Drewbie and I dressed our little guy in his blessing suit. We all ooed and awwwed over his sweetness. He wore a very specail outfit given him by "Grandma Vyki" who had passed away only a few days before.

It was bittersweet to think that had she been alive, she would've been too sick to come. Yet with her on the other side, she was probably able to be there with us.

He was sooo sweet and handsome that day.

Blessed by his Daddy :)

After the blessing we met with family and friends for a potluck lunch at the church's pavillion. I intentionally made sure not to plan anything at our house and kept everything simple so it was a stress-free and memorable day for us. Should have done the same thing with the other kids' blessings. It was awesome.

Today (five months later) I finally found some time to take pictures in his suit. He doesn't look the same as he did but that's ok. Better late than never. Besides he is definatley just as sweet and handsome as ever.

Here are some of my faves:

Love his turtle smile sooo much!



Writer Chic :D said...

These are precious Mar! :)

wendy said...

These are priceless! I am so glad you pulled out the back drops and did them! I love them!