Friday, October 15, 2010

The one for Ronald M

Kevs goes to work, school and studies 7-ish AM to 1 AM (often more) every weekday and 8-5 every Saturday. I miss having him around all week terribly. So every Saturday at 5 we go on a date.

"See ya Saturday at 5,"
we always say.

We decided a few weeks ago to try to get a picture of each date we go on. (Wish we would have started this eight years ago.) There are a bazillion pics of the kids, but only a handful of the two of us. Sadness!

On our date last Saturday while we were waiting to be seated at Texas Roadhouse, we decided to try to find a pair of shoes for Kev. Do ya think it was time?

The bottom of his shoe was attached for one step and unattached the next. Awesome! :)
We went over to the shoe section at Ross where we found the most
pair of shoes I have ever seen in my life. I can not even imagine a human foot being that massive. Of course it struck me as suuuper funny. In my worn-out-ness everything is super funny by Saturday at (Poor Kevin)

It's hard to really tell how big they are from this pic. To put it in perspective, the shoes next to them (the ones that look like like they could be Drew's) are Men's Size 12!

We should have bought them. It would have made such a great white elephant gift, don'tcha think?

I didn't need to untie the laces to put these on - even while wearing boots! And these were two sizes smaller than the red ones. Check out the size chart I'm standing on. I'm sure you had to be there to be as enthralled as I was, (or maybe not even then haha) but it was awesome. :)

Awesome because we don't need some fancy plans to have a great time together. Something as simple as picking out a new pair of shoes can be a total blast. So glad I married my best friend.

Love our Saturdays at 5.


Di said...

LOL! That's awesome!:D