Friday, September 3, 2010

The one with a sweet 7 year old

My Halle Girl woke up 7 years old this morning!!!

Halle walking to school with friends on her bday

This year for bdays we asked the kids if they would rather have the usual bday (party with friends, lots of presents) or one really BIG present for both of them. Like a playground.

There was no contest.

We did get her a few small gifts and Halle kinda ended up having a non-planned party. A bunch of the girls in the neighborhood came over for a late-night. We'd got her a zhu-zhu pet and it entertained 9 kids for a couple hours. CRAZY!!!

BTW - If you want to get some zhu-zhu's for basically nothing, go to Justice with a 40% off coupon with their 50% off sale. I got sets, pets & accessories for $2-$12 (Regularly $8-$48!!)
The sweetest part of the day was when I brought her home from school. I had taken balloons to her class earlier that day. As we drove into the garage Halle said she wanted to give one of the Balloons to Vyki. She ran in the house, got some scissors, cut off her favorite of the balloons, gave it a kiss, "sent it up to Vyki", and watched it fly higher and higher until it was gone.

I was so touched that she would do something so sweet and thoughtful all on her own.
Happy Birthday, Halle!
I love you!