Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The one at six months

So, there are SO many things I'd like to blog about, but extra time is pretty rare over here at the Farr house. I'll try to get up a few. First of all, I've gotta tell ya about Dr. F before he gets any bigger.

Daws at 4 1/2 months

He turned six months old on Monday (how did that happen?!?). A couple things I want to remember about him at this age are:

1. He loves to give me kisses. Opened-mouthed-slobbery ones. Oh, it's so fun. He grabs my face with both hands and pulls himself to my lips and plants these long, wet kisses on me. Mmmm. Love it- germs, and spit up, and all.

2. When he cries he often says "Mama, Mmmommmmma!" I KNOW he doesn't really get that he's saying my name, but we can pretend right?? He can get me to drop anything when I hear that sweet little voice calling me.

See why I have no spare time? Ahh! Just look at that face!!!

3. He started sitting up on August 29th.

5 1/2 months

4. Drew loves being a big brother and I think he is pretty anxious for Dawson to be old enough to really play with him.... What do you think?

5. He will lay in this "flying" position and kick-kick-kick his legs super fast while jabbering on and on.

"bla ba babba blabba ba blaaaa"
6. He LOVES his dad. Here's some pics I took of him while Kev was playing the guitar. It's so sweet how he sits there totally glued & in awe.

7. Basically edible squishy legs & toes.

8. Big blues.

9. Happy boy.

10. A few other tricks include rolling around everywhere, eating Stage 2 foods, big belly laughs, and jumping around like crazy in the jumper. Tonight he started to get up on his knees (NOOO!) and scooting backwards (NOOOOOO!). Won't be long before he's into everything and my life will be officially over. For the next couple of years anyway.

I am so glad we have "Duffel Bag Cheeks" in our family. He is incredibly sweet & lights up even my very worst days. I one lucky mom.


Jewels said...

OH MY WORD - I cannot get over how cute he is!! That picture with him covered in cars is totally classic...he is a doll!

L. Mo said...

He is such a cutie. Every time Savanna and I are at the store she wants to buy stuff for him. Drew-funny. Drew is lucky to have a brother to play with and/or on.

taraya said...

Oh man, Mari! He's sooooooo cute! I can't believe it's been six months already - that's crazy!
PS I love your hair in those pics, way cute! Hope you're doin good :)

Di said...

Awwww, :) wait- 6 months already?