Monday, September 20, 2010

The one about my hunters

Big Game Archery Hunt 2010

When Drew watched his dad get decked out for hunting last year, he reeeally really wanted to go with him.

"Maybe next year," we said.

We've been hearing about it since:

"How many days until we're going huntin'?"

"We are gonna shoot some elk, hoo-ah Dad?"

"Me-Drew will be outside getting ready for huntin' guys."

and of course....

"Mom, only boys go hunting."

It's also been awesome as an incentive all year long:

"Drew! Drew!
Hurry get your room clean
so you can go hunting
in September!!!"

September finally came and Drewbie got to go hunting with his dad. The morning they left, Drew was litterally shaking with excitement. I can't remember him being more excited about anything.

I didn't go with them so I'm not sure on all the details. But I do know the following happened:

1. My boys very carefully covered all traces of their human scent. Washed clothes in specail detergent, bathed with specail soap, wouldn't hug me goodbye (!) so I wouldn't get my smell on them. . . and etc.

2. Got up on the mountain and Drew had to pee.

3. Couldn't get his belt undone in time.

4. Boys now had a VERY HUMAN scent.

5. Were probably smelled by every elk in the wasatch range.

6. Hiked all day and didn't see a single elk.

7. Had a great time together anyway.

8. Already excited about next year's hunt.

Drew talks about it at least once a day.

"Mom, when you are in the mountains and there are lots of trees and grass and bushes in the way, it is called BRUSH!"
"Me-Drew saw a real ELK BED, Mom! And it really smelled like ELKS!"

and my fave:

"Mom, hiking is just another way to say


Shell said...

That is cute that Kevin let him go. I bet it made Drew feel all grown up. Your kids are adorable and Brit sure loves Halle. I am glad that they are friends.

Tony said...

I am glad he enjoyed his really looooong walk

All About Homes and Property said...

smart kid :)