Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The one about Kevs


Tonight I'm feeling just a little blue. My hubbie works and goes to school all day, every day but half of Saturday and then Sunday. He gets home around midnight, and he's gone early in the morning. Day after day goes by . . sometimes after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. I just wish he was around and we could watch a show together, hold hands on the couch, or . . whatever.

Don't feel bad for me, I'm fine. Honest. And it's not gonna be this way forever- just 'til school's done. Tonight, I'm just killin' the time -ignoring the taxes I've gotta finish, and the bathroom I could get cleaned- and thinkin' about my man/best friend. I thought maybe I'd do one of these tag things . . .

1- What is your husbands name? Kevin Kimball Farr Junior

2 - Who is taller? I am. *wink, wink*

3 - Where did you meet your husband? In Mrs. Gooch's Biology Class. 1st period, first day of High School.

4 - How long did you date before you married? about 4 years

5 - How long have you been married? 7 years in July

6 - Who kissed who first? This might sound weird but I honestly don't know! It's funny, but our first kiss kinda happened out of the blue. There was no awkwardness, and really no thought before hand. It seemed...natural. Afterward, I thought, "Hmmm. Ok, we just kissed. Wait, have we done that before?" VERY different from any other "first kiss" I've had.

7 - When & where was your first kiss? He was dropping me off at home after our first "real" date, so we were in his parents’ van. It was the day before Halloween in our Junior year of high school.

8 - Who said I love you first? Again, I don't know. I can see it have being either one of us.

9 - What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Tonight I'd take anything. . .

10 - Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? The whole "Left and Right" thing confuses me. Are we looking at the bed, or are we on the bed? Hahaha. Either way, I sleep snuggled up under his left arm. It's my fave place in the world. Yum.

11 - Do you have any children? Yup. 2 really great ones.

12 - What does he do that surprises you? When he's serious. He is ALWAYS teasing me. So every once in a while he'll answer a question straight forward and seriously- which in itself makes it seem like it's just another joke. So I'm always like "Sure, whatever hun." When it turns out that he WASN'T kidding, I'm totally surprised.

13 - What is my favorite feature on him? His smile. But not his "smile for the camera"...I mean his REAL smile. Mmmmm. I LOVE IT!!!!

14 - What is my favorite quality of his? Two things. First of all, he has more integrity than anyone I've ever known. Secondly, he's an amazing father- who could ask for more than that?

15 - Does he have a nickname for you? Ya, quite a few of them. Honey. Honeygoose. Junebug. Babe. The Best Boss. . . Ya, I'm sure you don't wanna hear the rest. lol.

16 - Does he have any hidden talents? He's really really good singing and at the guitar.

17 - What is his favorite food? Hm Probably steak? No shrimp? Or maybe Ice cream. No, it's got to be. . . maybe anything if it's cooked, ripened or seasoned JUST RIGHT. Gourmet style.

18 - What is his favorite sport? Hunting is a sport right? Bow hunting.

19 - What is his favorite music? The CD that Halle made for him of her singing.

20 - What do you admire most about him? He is so selfless. Day after day he's working, studying, taking tests, working some more. . . all without complaining. He works so hard and is so dedicated to our family. He's amazing.

21 - Who can sing best? He's gonna say me. I'm gonna say him. Then we're both gonna roll our eyes at each other and argue. . .and get nowhere. So who knows?

22 - Who is smarter? Same as answer #21. But refer to #10 to prove my point. lol.

23 - Who does laundry? I do, but I have no doubt he would help out if he was able to be around more.

24 - Who pays the bills? Same as #23

25 - Who mows the lawn? He does it whenever he can...again, #23

26 - Who cooks dinner? Sunday nights, he usually cooks and is a MUCH better cook than I am. Especially lately. I'm so burned out of being in the kitchen these days....! All the other nights, I make it.

27 - Who wears the pants? Hmmm. I think we both do in different ways or at different times. He teases me that I'm "the boss", but I think/hope he knows I'm there for him and will support him in whatever he needs. And visa versa.

28 - Will he read this? Only if I tell him he should go check out my blog, turn the computer on, pull up a chair, open my blog, and then read it out loud. Hahahaha. (Prove me wrong, Kevs! I'll owe ya. lol.) But he's busy, and I don't mind. It's all a bunch of ramblings anywho.

Love ya, Kevs.


Tucker & Tiffany said...

I knew I should have called last night and came over, but I just couldn't put my book down. Ha ha. Kev is great, huh!? He's always been such a great example to me. Always.
He's on my "hero" list.

KJae said...

What a beautiful post.

Here's the comment I promised. Feel free to blog stalk me all you want. : )

Kelly Hill

Chris & Nikki said...

Awww. I love those hubby posts. so cute!! you guys are perfectly suited for each other, gorgeous couple!!!