Monday, March 2, 2009

The one about the Thrillionares

If any of you are looking for something inexpensive and fun to do, go check out the Thrillionaires. They're on Center Street in Provo every Saturday night at 8:00 pm. It cost $8 online, $10 at the door. Here's the link to get your tickets:

It's a comedy-improv-musical ... thing. Group. Sooo funny! Kevin and I are still laughing about it. We got lucky enough to go on the same night as one of my "besties" Julia performed with them. GO JULIA! You are amazing!

Then, to add a little more spice to our date, we decided to pretend we were out on our first. Total strangers. I swear I've never been that forward on a first date before. . . ;)

Anyway. . Go and Enjoy. You can thank me later.


Tucker & Tiffany said...

Wahoo! I'm glad you guys had fun! We'll have to go on a double there sometime!
Do you need someone to watch your little ones on Thursday while you play? I can watch them in the pews, or at home, or I can even take Halle to dance. (Depending on what time it starts). Let me know! :D
Love ya!

Jewels said...

HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the shout-out! AND for coming, that was so rad that you and Kevin came. LOVE you guys.

PS - totally don't believe that you weren't that forward on a first date. Mmhmm, you scandalous chika!