Sunday, March 29, 2009

The one with an unexpected snooze

Saturday was such a long day for all of us Farr's. Not only because I'd spent the ENTIRE night before WIDE awake, but because Halle had a dance competition (I'll put up pics and details later), I was the dance company's photographer (which lasted almost 10 long hours), Drew spent the day playing hard with his Grandpa, while Kevin had tests and homework all the day and night long.

I was so relieved today was a Sunday.

Half-an-hour before church started, with everyone ready to head out the door, Kev and I took a minute to chill together on the couch.

"We'll leave in ten minutes."

A little over half-an-hour later we . . . WOKE UP!! All of us had immediately fallen into a deep sleep! So, we scrambled and arrived, once again, LATE to church. Drat. Ah, well.

Church was awesome though. During testimony meeting, Halle said,

"Mom, I want to bare my testimony!
I think I can do it!
Will you come up with me?"

I was totally shocked. About a year ago, after her friend had gone up to say her testimony, Halle told me emphatically

"Mom! I would NEVER EVER do that!"

So today I asked Halle what she would say if she went up there?
"I want to tell the people that I know Heavenly Father loves me
and that I love my family."

Alrighty then.

I walked up with her, half expecting her to not really make it up to the podium. But, to my amazement, our public-speaking-shy Halle found some out-of-the-blue bravery I've never seen in her before. When her turn came, she went with no hesitation! I can not tell you how happy and proud I was. The last week or two we've had some really special late-night chats together. To see her really start to feel and understand things. . . it's an incredible thing.

Honestly though, it does make me a LITTLE bit sad at the same time. Sad cuz my baby girl is changing and growing up Sooooo Fast!

Boy, am I REALLY even old enough to say something like that!??