Saturday, March 14, 2009

The one full and happy home

This weekend Drew had his first friend-sleepover with his new bud, Cache. I'm so glad he's found such a good friend. It's probably wrong to admit this, but I was glad when I saw that they'd had to be seperated during Primary's Singing Time. :)

Those two are so funny. It takes them at least a half hour to get from one of our houses to the other. There are just too many amazing rocks, bugs, sticks and piles of dirt in between. It is soooo cute to watch!

Cache calls me "Drew'smom".

"Hello, Drew'smom."

"Drew'smom, me and Drew are going to be extreeeemely careful now."
"Drew'smom, you can't be mad at Drew. He is very very sorry."
"Drew'smom, I just wanna talk with Drew'sdad for a minute."

Check out this pic of them "fishing" on the couch:

You should hear their hillarious conversations.

Cache: (crying when Drew knocked him over)

Drew: "I'm sorry, Cache."

(Crying imediately stops)

Cache: "You are VERY good at saying you are sorry, Drew!!"

I love having our home full of friends.

It was almost a year ago that we started looking for homes in Provo. (I'm so glad those days are over!) I remember the first time we drove down our steet: There were basketballs boucing. Bikes and scooters were littered everwhere. A dad was teaching his daughter to ride her bike. A couple was planting flowers in their yard. Neighbors were laughing together on porches. . .

To me, the home sold before we ever walked inside.

And I haven't been dissappointed:


sue-donym said...

And I'm SO GLAD you moved here!

Jewels said...

Drew's Mom? Cache's Mom wants to thank you for letting Cache play with Drew so much, they are such good friends.

And Cache's Mom may or may not have stolen some of those great pictures. I'm just sayin'.

JustusJohnsons said...

Little kids say the best things! I love it! :)

Linley and Austin said...

We are so glad that you guys are our neighbors!!!