Friday, June 18, 2010

The one pose at the pool

Halle always poses when she sees a camera. Sometimes the poses end up pretty funny.

So, I took my kids to the pool with my sis, Autumn & her kids.

Check out Halle's pose:

At first I couldn't tell if that was her leg. Seriously, who poses like that?
Ready for a great laugh? What if it was Drew's leg? Or Durango's (my nephew)? Can you see it? Hahhahahhahahaha.
For those who thought it was funny, here is a link for you. I tell you, these late nights make me sooo hyper.


Di said...

Love it. And I love how Autumn looks exactly the same- love her!

Shell said... make me smile! I love all your recent posts. Btw I noticed your new hair color on Sunday, it's way cute!