Saturday, June 5, 2010

The one about Lagoon

We got Lagoon Passes. We don't have enough time (or money) to go on a nice family trip this year, so instead we decided to get passes to Lagoon and make as many fun family memories as possible.

Our first trip up there was last Saturday.

Halle is one tough girl. Maybe it's because I was scared of roller coasters until a few years ago (haha) but I think she is super brave for a six year old. She went on every ride that she is tall enough for (Wicked, White roller coaster, Fire Dragon...etc) and never thought twice about it. Pretty cool!


Halle on the "White" Roller Coaster

Drew especailly loved the "Bat." I couldn't get a good picture because he was too small in the seat to see him. But here's one of him in the little boats. I'm sooo suprised he was ok with riding in a pink one . . .

Dawson was a good sport about being stuck in a stroller all day. Here he is on his first train ride, though I don't think he really cared:

Have I mentioned that he is smiling? Mmmmm, that smile pulls all my little heartstings. Sweet baby boy.

Hopefully we can get back up there soon. I'd really like to take the kids as a one-on-one date. We'll see how it goes.


Shell said...

That is a great summer activity. You are creating fun memories and it's nice to have these attractions not too far away. You even get to come home and sleep in your own bed at night :) you are such a good mom. I admire you! Thanks for your comment on my blog about Kailey. I always hope my kids will be kind to others. I know they aren't perfect so it's nice to here they do kind deeds once in awhile. :)

Little Yancey Family said...

Mari, This is Ryan, your favorite cousin. Let us know if/when you are going again and we will come down and go with you guys. It would be alot of fun