Thursday, June 10, 2010

The one about absolutely nothing

I found this picture tonight on my laptop and it is cracking me up so bad.

When we were in California last summer, we spent a VERY VERY COLD day at the beach. You know when you're so cold that your cheeks are numb and you can't. . .quite . . . smile?

Ha ha ha ha hahah!

Is it not really that funny? Am I just past the point of exhaustion where everything seems more hilarious that it really is??? Man, I wish someone were here with me to get crazy hyper with.

Know what else is funny to me right now? See the girl in the background of the next picture? Well she was there at the beach having a little sing-a-long - with herself. Singing songs like "A Whole New World" and "Part of Your World". She went on for quite a long time. I'm guessing she was in her early 20's.

Ah, there she is.

"A whole new woooorld,

A dazzling place I never knew. . . "

I was so extremely morning sick that day. Kev and the kids played in the water, searched for shells and played in the sand. I laid on those sandy beach towels (feeling like a beached whale), clutched a barf bag, and listened to Ms. Sing-A-Lot serenade the universe, only a few feet away.

It's also hilarious to me that it's taken me a year to find it this hilarious.
Anyway, this post is really about nothing. I'm sorry for wasting your time if your reading this.

hough I could mention it has finally hit me I have three kids. THREE CHILDREN! I walked in my room and found this:

and that's when it hit me.

Very, very strange.

Anyway, I was gonna wait up for Kev but I think I need the sleep.



JustusJohnsons said...

HAHAHAHA! You are not alone on this, that pic made me LOL, literally. Funy stuff :)

Bambi said...

Love this pic

Di said...

That's hilarious! Except....I can very well imagine me being that girl alone, singing to herself...*ahem* I mean, I would never do that! Love that last pic- it IS crazy when it hits, isn't it?

Rasmussen Family said...

Okay that is freakin' hilarious! (Want to play miss America? Because that is always what I think of when I hear the word hilarious) I wish I could have been with you to number be hyper with and number two do impressions of miss sings-a-lot!

Emily said...

Hahahahaha....Remember how I'm so tired that I'm laughing out loud about the whole singalongsituation....That's the best. Cute kiddos...can't believe you have 3 OF THEM.