Sunday, February 19, 2012

The one 'bout Gramma&Gramps

I had fun dressing today in one of my Grandma's old dresses.  I don't really know when she wore it.  I am guessing maybe in the 60's?  

I thought about her all day.  And a lot about Grandpa.  

Not very many people saw the side of Gramps I knew. To most people he wasn't the friendliest guy around- by any means.

For whatever reason though, he was always very kind to me.  Sometimes he'd stand next to me and quietly leave his hand on my shoulder.  Doesn't sound like much maybe but for him- it was. He's been gone now for 7 years.  I still miss him.
He loved for me to play the guitar for him. One time I decided to learn a few songs from his time like "the Green Green Grass of Home" and "the roots of my raising".  The OLD country Merl Haggard type stuff, ya know? Lol, was he ever happy.  I can just see him sitting there with his eyes closed, chewing on a tooth pick, with this real pleased smirk on his face.  Then he'd ask me to play it again.  And again.  Then one day he asked me to play them for him at his funeral.  It was tough.

Good old Gramps.

Often he'd say to me, "My dear, you look just like my bride."  What a compliment, right? 

So that's what I was thinking about today. And if someday I can even be half the woman Grandma is, I think I'll turn out alright.