Monday, February 13, 2012

The one about a Valentine's Day Grinch

The kids had their school Valentine's parties at school on Friday.

Halle wanted to use the same box that I made last year.  I guess she had been storing her letters from friends under her bed in it all year.  Woot woot!  That made it nice and easy :D

For her Valentine's, we made mini mailboxes.  I saw the idea on pinterest but we added an envelope with a teeny little letter inside, "Happy <3 Day!  Love, Halle".  I have a weakness for all things miniature, you know.  These were totally out of control cute.

For Drew, I found an idea online for a tissue box with teeth for a Valentine box.  I took that idea, added an opening mouth, eyes, nose, arms, horns and a "thank you" sign. Drew LOVED it!  Ok, I admit, I loved it too.

His Valentine's were from pinterest (I LOVE YOU pinterest!)  These little super hero suckers. "Have a Super Valentine's Day!"  Love.

These types of things- making fun things with the kids- are what makes V-Day great to me.

Wanna know something else? Something pretty uncharacteristic of themarfarr? This year I may have decided that I don't like Valentines Day!  It's true!

No, it does NOT have anything to do with waiting until almost 4 AM for my Valentine to get home from work so we could eat our heart shaped pizza together.  True, I was sad about it, but not necessarily because it was "Valentine's".  It was because I'm worried sick about Kevs.  He is working way too hard.  Last week he was home after 3:30 AM four of the five school nights.  His schedule just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. It didn't help either, waiting hour after hour, with my baby having a seizure every 3-15 minutes.  Bleh.  It really was a long night.

But no, that's not why I don't like the holiday. 

It's because it's pointless.  I mean, Kev and I love each other, right?  He knows I love him.  I know he loves me.  He brings home roses here and there.  We write love notes/texts all the time.  Sometimes I surprise him with a specail dinner (always in the middle of the night).  Every Saturday we go on a date together.

So then February 14th comes along and now we have to throw something together to tell each other "I love you." When you are already telling him/her it's just forced ... and pointless.

You may call me the Valentine's Day Grinch.


Maybe i am feeling this way cuz I'm tired and overwhelmed and crabby. Or not. Maybe next year I will like it again. We'll see.