Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The one sleepy mom

I've spent a LOT of hours between 11PM-7AM calming, rocking, soothing my baby over the last 2 months or so. Most days I have to just try to ignore that heavy-can't-keep-my-heavy-head-up feeling.

I'm not complaining though. Being loved by a child is one of the best, sweetest feelings ever. In those late hours, I can feel and know he loves me :) and wants me around. His seizures wake him and before he even opens his eyes, he reaches out to make sure I'm near. If I am, he'll usually stay calm enough to get right back to sleep. So while it lasts anyway, I'll take the tired.

I am so blessed to be this little dude's mom.


The Lewis Family said...

It is so true, that our littles are worth every second of sleep lost. So hard to be grateful that exhaustion is your burden to bear, but you are an amazing example of being able to. Let me know if ever you need anything, truly.

FruitLoops said...

I love your baby pictures and loved your introduction.