Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The one where I claim sanity

Earlier this year, in February or so, I went to the Provo Temple. On my way inside, I saw a large white statue of the Savior. It was near the fountain, in between the stairs. I was in a huge hurry to get inside and couldn't get a good look, but I remember double-taking and thinking "That looks really cool, I'll have to check it out on my way out."

I remember the statue, from far away, looked like He was kneeling with something in his arms. Next to him was a smaller statue, a sheep or something.

Coming out of the temple almost two hours later, I walked over to the fountain to get a better look.

No statue. Nothing.

In between the stairs was the spot the "statue" had been. No trace of any statue.

After telling a few friends and family, and seeing the looks on their faces, I concluded this was a story I shouldn't share with anyone else. Kev thought maybe it was just an illusion of sorts in the snow. My father in law thought I'd seen it with "spiritual eyes." Everyone else, myself included, figured I had just lost my mind.

UNTIL!! This morning my sis in law, Jessica, sent me this photo she'd found from a friend's facebook photo album:

Thanks Jess!!! I'm not insane! Hooray! Anyone know what's up with the elusive statue?


JustusJohnsons said...

that's crazy! I wonder what happened to it, could they have put it away in the two hours you were there?

Ora said...

I think your spiritual fingers did some spiritual photoshopping!

Wait, what's that I hear...Oh it's nothing, just a burning train!

What a crazy/nuts sister-in-law I have!

The Lewis Family said...

Maybe it was just set up for a photoshoot?