Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The one of many conversations

Drew and Cache play constantly now. Julia's hubby, Cody, helped us out by removing a few slats in the fence. No more walking around the block. Woah, is Drew happy about that!

Listening to those two chat together is HILARIOUS.

Monday night we had a family home evening where I had random little objects that went along with scriptures, to tell the Easter Story. Bread - the first sacrement. Soap - when Pilate washed his hands. etc etc.

Today, Drew retold the story (a very warped version) to Cache, followed by acting it out. It went like this:

Drew: "Cache, first Jesus ate the bread, with the bad guys, ya! Okay, eat the bread! Now we die!!"

Then they'd lay on the floor "dead."

Next item:

Drew: "Ok, we will wash your hands like the bad guys, then you will die too!"

(Running up the stairs to wash their hands)

Drew and Cache (from upstairs):

"Now we will DIE!. . . . .(thud on the floor, . . dead)"

Every item had "bad guys" and ended with them "dead". Hmmm. I swear I didn't teach it quite like that . . . :) This went on half the afternoon.
What really cracked me up. . .

Drew and Cache walked out the door:

"Bye Mom/Drew's Mom!

We are going on our


They left laughing and cracking up about their "honeymoon". Should I be scared? ;) I find great comfort knowing they have NO CLUE what they're talking about. I've got to video them as future black mail. Bwahahah!

Funny little guys.


Jewels said...

I LOVE hearing them talk to each other, their conversations are SO funny! Sometimes I just have to bite my lip and let them chat...they crack me up! And how great is it that they can run between yards now? I love how easy that was, they are big fans of the 'magic door'

Chris & Nikki said...

hahahah. oh man. i told chris all this and he was laughing so hard with me. little people are so funny.

Miss Molly said...

You have the CUTEST kids! reading about Drew makes me laugh every time. He has such a personality. and his little friend sounds just as adorable. "Drew'sMom" Haha.