Sunday, April 12, 2009

The one celebrating 2 years

Easter is such a special holiday that hits very close to my heart.

Halle suddenly started having 24-7 seizures a little after Christmas 2006. She was 3 years old. Once it started, the doctors were unable to stop them. The seizures and six medications drastically changed her personality and - well everything. It was the most heart wrenching experience of my life.

The epilepsy disappeared on Easter Sunday. She has not had a single seizure since. Today she is 100% herself and medication free. Someday I'll take the time to write out the whole story. . .but for now here's a video of our Easter Miracle.

The first clip is Halle two months before the epilepy began:


Miss Molly said...
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Miss Molly said...

Mari, I cried so hard when I saw this video. I had no idea the seizures had such a huge effect on her, I'm so sorry you all had to go through that.

That was and is a huge miracle, I'm so stunned-amazed at the blessing you guys received, I don't know what to say. God is amazing. I'm so grateful to him that she is better now. I'm SO Happy to hear she's better and herself again, I had been wondering how she was doing. I'm glad to hear she's seizure free.

I know I just said that three times in a row, but I really am just so happy and grateful that your sweet little girl is better, she's such an angel and it broke my heart when I first heard the news. Thank you, God. Really.

I wish I could see you all again, I miss you all so much. Tell Halle hi for me and tell her I miss her. I Love you guys! Happy Easter. =D

Love, Meagan

Anonymous said...

Mari, you have a beautiful family and a beautiful daughter. You just have a really beautiful life! Trials like the one your family has been through are so painful I know but getting through them the way your family has makes life all the more valuable I think. :)

Anyway, I found your blog through your sister's blog through one of my friend's blogs... weird... and I just wanted to say I remember you! We had English and history together in junior high and I had an invisible goldfish (I know, so normal) and you said I should name her Ora after your sister, and I did. I had that fish for a long time. And that is all. :)

Rasmussen Family said...

That was so touching! It just makes you realize how much we truly have been given.

Emily said...

Sigh...what an ordeal and what a BLESSING!!! Very sweet made me cry.

Tucker & Tiffany said...

... :)
........ <3

Amy Jensen said...

Wow! Mari I can't even believe it, I bawled through the whole thing even though I know little Halle now is she is fine. I can't imagine what you must have gone through during those months. Look how strong you ALL must be and look were you are at now not only a Miracle but what a blessing!! I love you and I am so glad that we are friends. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences with me they have touched me and you are such a strong great example to me. You are truly amazing. All I know is your Heavenly Father is aware of you and little Halle and loves us all so much!

Chris & Nikki said...

Aww, Mari. You know how to make a prego woman bawl like a baby. :D.
She is such a strong girl, just like her amazing parents. I am so happy that her seizures have left and that your little girl was made whole again.
I just remember one of the first dinners I had at the Farr home, she was sitting by me and had one, and I was asked to hold her head back. I was so frightened for such a little girl. I prayed so hard for her. Then after, she smiled and started playing and was having her little 'hiccups' after, and I got scared and she looked at me and sat on my lap and said, 'those are not seizures, those are just hiccups'. haha. She is so strong. I sure look up to her. :D
Love ya.

Shelly said...

I am so glad that she is herself after all of that. It is not an easy thing to go through and to not have answers as to why. Miracles do happen!!! She is such a sweet little girl and I am grateful that Britney and Halle are friends.

JustusJohnsons said...

This video...I just can't even describe it. I don't even have the words! I remember the first time I saw it when you weren't meaning to post it! Remember? I definitely got teary eyed!!! Anywho...she seems like such a precious girl! I am so happy for you guys that she is better!

Travis & Shunae said...

We always knew Halle was a special little girl....and always will be! We love you guys.

Olsen's said...

I remember what you were going through when this all went down. I remember Halle before and after, and how she has changed, I have seen it. She is still such a sweet girl and we love he sooo much!
You are such an amazing person, and although you were discouraged, you were still strong for Halle. I really hope I get to see Halle grow up, becuase if she grows up to be anything like her mother, then she will be great! Love you guys!

Ora said...

I'm glad you decided to post the video. There's alot of people who love her (and your whole family) that prayed and worried. So glad to see that ordeal over and you happy again. Love you!

Bambi said...

ok so i didn't think i would be crying like a baby but i am.