Friday, February 13, 2009

The one about our week from. . .

This week has not been going well.

Cabin fever is only the start of it. When I looked out the window Tuesday morning to yet another snow storm, I litterally had to choke back the tears. I can't help thinking, "Why, WHY do I live in Utah?"

Then another storm hit. HURRICANE DREW. Are ALL little boys so destructive??? He has a typical three-year-old attention span. So every three minutes he's getting into something new. Making another mess. Spilling something else on the carpet. Smearing something else on the walls. I love that kid but sometimes . . .

Yesterday I had to get Halle to her dance lesson and a bunch of other errands. Although I'd had the whole house spotless (from working all morning on it), a few hours later you would have never known I'd cleaned the house. EVER. Seriosly every single room in the house was a wreck. I thought about pulling out my hair, but decided against it. I told Drew as calmly as possibly, "Ok little man. In thirty minutes I'm going to take away all your toys that aren't put away."

Well after thirty minutes of la-de-da-ho-humming from Drew, I grabbed the box of garbage bags. SIX over flowing garbage bags later . . .

Please keep in mind I've never been a parent before, K? Toys. Blocks. Games. Movies. Books. Every single thing he'd taken out and spread around the house in under two hours! The worst part is he didn't even care.

"Look at all your toys in time-out, Drewbie. That's too bad you didn't clean them up, isn't it?"

"Yep, Mom. They're in time out. Remember in the 'Incredibles' movie? It's so funny when Dash says . . . . (cheerfully going on and on). . "

I give him a blank stare as AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! screams inside my head.

Anyway, I got through that day. But now he doesn't have any toys, which is a whole new problem of its own.

Maybe I could have handled this week better if Halle and I weren't sick on top of everything else. Ugh. For example, on Wednesday, right after I'd thrown up my breakfast, Halle started screaming -top of her lungs - from the other bathroom:


She was scared to death. Totally hysterical. The toilet had plugged (from her being sick) and it all was over flowing - pouring out all over everything. It was sooooooooooooo so so so so so nasty. Especailly since my stomach was barely hangin' in there as it was. . . Poor me. And poor Halle. It really freaked her out. I held her for a long time afterward and her whole little body was shaking. :( For some reason, she's been really worried about stuff ever since. She's been asking me questions like, "Mom, if you die, will I have to have a babysitter every day?" etc.

Where did her mind go when that toilet was over-flowing? I don't get it, but now she's got me worried. She's totally not herself. I'm not sure if it's just cuz she's not feeling well or if it's more than that? I'm making sure she gets lots of extra love today.

Anyway, I was going to post my favorite soup recipe today . . . but since I've ruined your appetite, I'll save that for another time. Sorry 'bout that.

Things will get better soon. They always do. :)