Monday, February 2, 2009

The one about internet connections


My internet hasn't been working for almost an entire month.


Tech's not showing up, ice problems, and who knows why else. We signed up with a new company and they came this morning to install. They've only been gone about five minutes but I had to try it myself - just to make sure. And's working!! VIOLA!

(Knock on wood)

I have missed my blog. Who knew I would get so addicted? haha. I've been sorta bloggin entries on my comp this last month. I'll put them online today and tomorrow when I get a minute (they'll probably show up under this post if anyone cares to check them out since I wrote them earlier)

How did anyone ever survive before the world wide web?


Emily said...

ooooohhhhhh! I love all these fun posts. Thanks for catching me up.

Rasmussen Family said...

Mari Guess who I ran into on Saturday? Keri Guinn! It was so fun to see her. Small world! We need to get together!

Linley and Austin said...

I wondered what all the spray paint on the lawn was all about! Wow a whole month? Weren't you with Comcast?? Man, I thought I would die when I had to go 3 days without the internet. You could have come over and used mine!! Anyway, I had to laugh at some of your posts because they were so cute. Drew in his super hero outfit...classic. I loved reading about your adventures with the young women :) Oh, and thanks for the applesauce cake it sounds awesome! I love trying out new recipes :)