Saturday, January 14, 2012

The one to try out the new app


So this is my very first attempt at blogging from my iPad. I am trying out the app BEwrite. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I will actually blog again if I don't have to turn the computer on. You see since I got this thing, I have turned on the computer, oh twice. Seriously. I just don't have patience for it anymore.

I love my iPad. :)

I didn't plan on loving it. Before I had it I never even had a desire to own one. But then this
really hot guy
gave me one for our 9th wedding anniversary. His work gave out brand new iPad 2's to all their employee's for winning the world’s top manufacturing award, The Shingo Prize. Ya, it was a big deal. I couldn't tell you anything more than that cuz when it comes to Kev's work I feel c.L.oooo.less. Anyway, all Kev's coworkers got to show off these fancy iPad's ... but of course my Kev gave his to silly little me. I tried to talk him out of it, truly. I know he wanted it. He just went off about how much I "deserved" it etc and that was that. Ya, that's my hubs. He's hot like that.

This thing is the ultimate. The things it has simplified in my life... But THAT will have to be saved for another blog post. Because right now I just want to PLAY!!

Upload photo? Yes, please.

he loves me :)

Ok, now to publish this....

Did that work??? Heading over to Safari.... Was it really that easy? Is it online????

IT IS!!! I love you, iPad 2!!!!
Goodbye computer. Hello blog.


Britt Bernatchez said...

This is soooo funny! I love it! And P.S. you have an awesome husband if he gave his iPad to you. What a great guy!