Saturday, November 13, 2010

The one about editing

One thing I've learned about taking photos....editing is awesome.

See how everyone in this preschool picture is looking at the camera and smiling?

Well the reality of it is...

All but two heads were put in.

If I'm taking a group photo of kids, I will start on one kid and wait for the smile. . . ."Click."

Next face . . . wait for the smile . . . "Click". Etc.

Until I know I've got one smiling picture of each kid.

I love Faith Hill for putting up this photo about editing.

See the thinner arms, shiny skin, waist, under arm fat gone, hair and under eyes lightened, etc etc.
I was talking with my friend who I love soo much but she gets so discouraged reading blogs. People traveling, happy, living these beautiful exciting lives.


There's been times I have done the same thing. But then I remember-

There's always editing.