Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The one around temple square

Our brother Freddie got to visit from Chicago for a few days. Although the trip was for sad reasons, we were SOOO excited to see him again. I was so happy that Kev and the kids were able to meet him and visa versa. He is such an incredible person. I hope it's not too long before we see him again.

While he was here Amanda, Ora & I took our girls & Freddie around Temple Square. We had so much fun. I only wish the day would have lasted longer.

A few highlights of the day:

1. Taking Freddie to Brigham Young's house and him taking pictures of everything for the mission president in Togo.
2. Listening to Freddie's stories and learning more about him.

3. How quickly he made friends with everyone. Like the lady in the Family History Library who went on her mission to Togo, the sister missionary who was from there and knew the same people (small world!) as Freddie, the boy from Germany and they chatted in German, the girl who spoke French so they chatted in French... so great!
4. Freddie parking my Pilot so effortlessly in that itty bitty parking space (in reverse) like it was no big deal. I guess for a cab driver in Chicago, no driving in SLC would be a big deal. lol.
5. Halle, Bailee & Kestle wanting to be next to him every second. (And btw, check out their outfits! We didn't plan that but they could not have been more perfectly coordinated. Great minds think alike)

6. Ora's French Book of Mormon.

7. Being able to remember Vyki together and knowing she really isn't so far away.
Love you Freddie!
Come again soon!!!