Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The one to you

My Dear Baby Boy-

I finished decorating your bedroom today.
Then I packed my bag for the hospital.
Your car seat is in Daddy's car.
In other words, we're ready for you.

So could you come out now?

. . . . .

I thought you might like a sneak peak of the fun things we've been doing to be ready for you to come home to us. . . .

First of all, your big sister Halle, made this hat. Didn't she do a good job? She spent days and days on a hat loom, getting it just right. It's so soft and fuzzy, I know you are gonna love it.

Your aunties, Autumn & Ora worked for two days painting your room while I stayed downstairs and entertained your crazy cousins. I about lost my mind during the 1,798,763,001th rerun of the song "Jingle Bells" with Halle on the piano and everyone else on (very LOUD) vocals. But aren't you excited to join this cousin collection?

Anyways, I've been busy sewing up a storm! Burp rags. . .

and changing pads. . .

diaper/wipes containers . . .

your quilt . . .

crib bedding . . .

I designed them all without even a single pattern! Cool, eh?

So here's the way your room looks now
(though the pics are NOT as cute as in real life...I can't get a good angle tonight). . .

Daddy was up in the middle of the night on Saturday, painting your crib brown. Auntie Autumn and him painted the rest of the furniture last month.

See, can't you tell how much we love you already?

I also designed these gears for your wall. Then my friend, Shelly cut them out for me on vynil.

Daddy says that even though they're not
"orthogonal to the circumference".
they still look


I guess that's just what happens when someone goes to school 40+ hours a week. Smart-person- gibberish. Don't worry, I don't get it either.

Anyways, I'm gonna go upstairs now and wait ever so patiently for you.

Oh, and one more thing- would you mind doing me a tummy-tuck while you're in there? That, my Son, would be awesome. I'll pay ya back, I swear.

Thanks and Loves!



Tucker & Tiffany said...

Such a cute post. I love how you are writing to him. So sweet.
And, Ah!! I love the gears! It totally completes the room. Totally cute. Aren't you so glad you decided to keep the rocking chair in? It's like a little haven. I might just be over there snugglin' in that thing! ;D Come on now little boy...come on...

Sarah and Cam said...

You sewed all that?! That's amazing! I may be calling you when I have a baby! ;-) Good luck! Hope he comes soon!

JustusJohnsons said...

wait wait wait....you sewed all his bedding!?!?!?! You are one amazing and talented lady!!! When I get pregnant....I might be needing your help!!! :)

Miss Molly said...

Love this post, and I can't believe you sewed all those things. Amazing!

How are things? I'm wondering if you're at the hospital right now or if you are still waiting. (=

SO. I have some exciting news. Which makes me think maybe I should get your email so I don't have to write these long posts on your blog. ha...ha.

Where do you live now? Provo?

I'm moving to the Salt Lake area when the school year starts up again in August and I'm going to get my EMT. Probably at BYU. But anyway, when I thought about this it hit me- Mari lives somewhere in Provo or around it!- and I got super excited.
You see, I've recently got a job and started taking piano lessons last week finally after four years of waiting. The problem is, her teaching style is so not like yours. So I've really been wishing for a way to get back into piano lessons with you again. Suddenly all these plans fell into place and then this hit me.

So if you would allow me to take lessons, I would so love to take them from you in the fall! Not to mention I've missed you and your adorable family terribly for the past four years. =)

Jessica said...

I now know what I want as a baby shower gift... :D and you can show me how to do it, I'm terrible at sewing. The room looks incredible!!! Something that you would see in a magazine, even yet its better! Miss ya

Shell said...

Adorable! It looks so great.

Di said...

Oh my CUTE!!! Tom just told me THAT was how I should decorate. So...would you mind coming and doing OUR nursery this summer? I can't believe you sewed all that either- Would you do mine too? :)

The Lewis Family said...

So our babe is due in dec, how soon do I need to get you supplies to make me an uber cool bumper like that???