Friday, May 1, 2009

The one with a Christ Centered Easter

I haven't had a chance to blog about our Easter yet. But it was such a good one, I had to share.

There's this book that is called "A Christ Centered Easter" and it has some awesome ideas about how to make Easter more meaningful. This year we followed a lot of the ideas, and I think it turned out to be my favorite Easter ever.

The night before Easter we made "Easter Cookies". Each ingredient had something to do with the Easter Story and after cooking in a hot-but-turned-off oven, they come out in the morning HALLOW! (like the tomb on Easter morning) The kids loved it. I thought they tasted awesome! Kinda like Big Hunks. If you'd like the recipe, here's a link over to my sister Ora's cooking blog. I'm too lazy to type it out. Thanks, Ora! Hope you don't mind. :)

The Easter bunny came Easter morning too. Which was fun. He didn't bring too much this year, which was JUST FINE WITH ME! They got p-l-e-n-t-y of goodies from Grandma!

Our Easter Dinner was my favorite part of the holiday. We had dinner similar to one that Christ would have ate, and believe it or not, it turned out really tasty! Fish, flat bread, olives, pistachios, hard cheese ("squeaky" cheese), grape juice, and prunes. Minus the prunes, it all tasted great! We ate on the floor with our fingers and everything. I love starting new traditions- and this is one that we will definately do again.

The day ended with a fun Easter hunt at Grandma's- which turned into a MASSIVE PLASTIC EASTER EGG WAR! Full on battle. Those things can sting, I'm telling you. But so worth it.


JustusJohnsons said...

That's an awesome tradition! I love it!