Thursday, October 23, 2008

The one with the new house

My lifelong friend, Emily (also affectionately called "Amelia Crouton") has moved to Arizona. Ah, the sadness. These pics of our new home are at her request.

Keep in mind that I'm still just barely out of the unpacking stage. Decorating is gonna be slow in coming. Like when there's money and time....haha! know what I'm thinking so I don't need to say it.
But here's the outside of the new Farr residence!
(Oooo, lookie how cute that little boy is!)

Here is the currently-blah front "visiting teaching" room:

and the stairs (they're not much now but I've got some yummy ideas...with the high ceilings and such I think it's gonna be really nice....again, someday):

the stairs go up to the kitchen/dining/family room:

and in the corner of the family room is more stairs
(they usually have monkey's climbing on them):

and that stairwell has a really cute little window
and it goes up to the kids bathroom:
Halle's room:
Drewbie's room:
And of course Kev and my room, though I'm not gonna show any pics because there's really nothing to show right now- a bed, a treadmill, a TV, the last of the boxes, etc. Our master bath was a huge selling point (again no pics for now) with it's jetted tub, double sinks, master closet, etc.
Ok, here's one pic of one of my fave parts of our room ... the view!
Front row Mt. Timp sunrises!
There's more pics I could take- like the unfinished basement, yard, etc but this is good for now. I've gotta get ready for bed!


Emily said...

LOVE the pics. It really is such a cute and homey house! I love how open and spacious it all looks. Thanks for the pics!!

The Mecham Family said...

Hey Mari! Kevin gave me your blog address (well sorta, he gave me your photography website, great pictures!) Anyway your new house is so great! Congrats!! Maybe i'll see you today at the Kaizen fair!? Hope so! :)

Haley said...

wow! What a beautiful home! I'm so happy for you guys but miss you as my neighbor.